Team Black Widow - Content Partners

Black Widow Innovations Content Program


This year we are introducing a new Content Program as part of our updated marketing strategy. In the information-rich world we live in, it takes an incredible amount of content to effectively tell a brand story. Our story is centered around you, the hunter! From whitetail in the Midwest to giant Yukon moose, Black Widow broadheads are designed for you. The slogan ALWAYS DEADLY, encompasses the no frills, get the job done and "trust your equipment" mentality of BWI. The ultimate goal is to create quality products that gain the trust of shooters worldwide.  Black Widow isn't cutting corners on engineering, manufacturing or marketing. The toughness, accuracy and dependability that has earned a solid reputation in the Canadian market will continue to be on the marketing forefront as we enter the US archery world.
We are assembling a team of avid hunters to help us generate photo and video content. In exchange for this content, we will be providing free and discounted product with opportunities to grow with us as we move forward.  We track and rate submitted content to allow us to provide feedback to you and reward your hard work. Ultimately, we want you to do what you do every season and try to tell your story, and ours, with quality images and clips that we will use in our marketing materials. 


You will enter the program in one of the three incentive levels which will be determined by an internal review of your application. 
  • Bronze - This entry level includes a 35% discount on all Black Widow Innovations products
  • Silver - The mid-tier level includes limited free products as well as the Bronze level incentives 
  • Gold - Our top-tier content creators receive free product throughout the year and may be used to test new products.
Additional incentives include team giveaways, exclusive discounts, and even joining us on hunts. 


Regardless of where you start with us, there will always be room to grow and we want you to be committed to growing with us. If you excel and go above and beyond, we promise you we notice. Black Widow is a small company built on hard work and the unwavering commitment to design a quality product that earns the trust of every hunter, regardless of skill level, method of hunting or game they choose to pursue. We know hard work, recognize it and reward it. 


This is not a sponsorship, it's a partnership. This program is all about creating content, and being engaged on our social platforms as we tell our story and yours. You will work directly with our marketing team for guidance on types or styles of content we may be looking for, but with full creative freedom to do it your own way. Photos and video clips will be submitted to us and when we use your content you will receive credit via tagging or mentions on social media. For higher quality images that may be used on print media such as banners, catalogs or ads, you will be notified of this use and asked for written/electronic consent. We want you to be engaged in our story! Likes, shares and comments are welcome and additional guidance on engagement will be provided during the on-boarding process. 
We are not necessarily looking for influencers with huge followings or YouTube sensations. Quality content is the #1 priority! 


Submit the following to
  • Are you a BWI product owner?
  • Contact Information including full name, city, state and phone number
  • Links to your social media accounts (FB, IG, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit)
  • Brief bio about why you want to work with us
  • Brief summary of where and how you hunt
  • Describe past experience with creating content for yourself or other outdoor companies
  • Provide up to 5 content samples - show us your best stuff! 
  • Have you ever been convicted of a felony or wildlife violation? If yes, explain.