PX2 Broadheads
PX2 Broadheads
PX2 Broadheads

PX2 Broadheads

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Ability to switch between 100 and 125 grains by easily changing
the included tips to adapt to different hunts and setups.

PX2’s thick stainless steel blades lock internally inside the
solid T7075 aluminum ferrule for incredible strength to blow
through tough hide, bone and tissue. 1.25” main blades and .5”
bleeder blades maximize penetration and pass through shots.
The surgical sharp SOLID BLADES are designed to eliminate
flight noise and with no vents to plug with tissue, they cut
longer and deeper.

A hardened tool steel chisel tip creates an open wound
channel on impact minimizing arrow deflection and guiding
the arrow on a straight path through the animal resulting in
massive blood trails.

Over the shaft blade design provides solid, stable flight for
increased accuracy and a stronger component connection
upon impact. PX2’s are designed for field point accuracy even
at long distance.